Building self-esteem just got fun!

“I am perfect, perfectly me!”

Help your child learn about positive self talk and affirmations from a young age. The book has a fun, upbeat tempo and encourages your child to repeat and participate along with the actions, too. With such a positive and powerful message, this book will even resonate with the adults reading it!

Take a peak inside…

Meet the Author

Melissa Adams has had a passion for writing since elementary school. She still remembers her 5th grade teacher telling her “I hope to see your name on the best sellers list someday.” It really stuck with her. She attended Marquette University and majored in Writing-Intensive English and continued on to receive her MFA in Creative Writing from Ashland University. She currently works as an administrative assistant at an elementary school in Wisconsin and enjoys making school a fun and positive place to be. Keeping her daughter in mind, she knew her first book had to focus on what is important for all kids to know: who you are right now is perfect! Every child needs to believe in themselves and affirmations are a great way to start. She hopes every child that reads or listens to her books, learns to love themselves for who they are.

Meet the Illustrator

Emily Condon has always had a love for serving others. It started early on with active involvement in all levels of Kiwanis. Then it progressed to working for the Boys and Girls Club while attending Alverno College for a degree in Education. And now, as a middle school educator, she has found purpose in helping others achieve their goals and be their best self. When her sister brought up the idea of finally making their elementary school dreams come true and create a book together, she hit the drawing board. Emily has enjoyed bringing this fun book to life, while presenting a diverse set of characters, similar to the students she sees daily. She cannot wait to get started on their next book and continue inspiring children through affirmations.

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